The History of Drums and Drumming

History of drums - This page will discuss the history of drums and drumming in a variety of areas in music to communicate a message to influence the mind and release subdued passions. The origins and uses of the drum in the past. The uses today which come from the past may shock and surprise you.

The History of the Drum Set

drumsThe drum is one the oldest instruments known and was used by many cultures around the world. Djembe drum Primitive tribal societies used to celebrate victory in battle aswell as in ritual dance and worship to their dieties.

The original drum was a animal hide stretch over a hollow log which was held by wooden or metal pins or twine to these pins. The drum was used for several functions within various societies. From a long djembe drum in Africa to a timbrel in middle east which looked like a tamborine and a tabor in Euorpe which lead to the modern day snare drum.

All these plus others from other societies from around the world lead to what is known as the modern day drum kit. This was put together in the early nineteeth century when music began to change and more percussion was needed to acompany the changed music trends and the new dancing styles.

The Origins of Drums History

The first drumming in drums history was a series clapping of hands and hitting the chest and knees with open hands. Various rhythms were adapted using this method but was limited because of the volume one could create and because to create higher volume was painful. So the drum was developed to overcome this problem.

The history of drums and drumming is really a checked one in that it's origins have come out of quite negative circumstances. There are several places where drumming was used. They are:

• Battle

• Celebration of Victory in Battle

• Pagan Worship

• Occult Practices

• General Celebration

• Entertainment

These are the predominent areas in the history of drums where drums were used in the past and are still used today. The part they play in history is not in the good of human life. The tendency is a steady journey towards debasement and depravity to a large exstent. Kingdoms have fallen and nations have been ransacked from within by the use of these methods.

The End Result

The history of drum set and various forms of music have been used to awaken animal aggression and the most vilest of passions man has. This has been done to bring on political and cultural changes that debase the whole of society.

You do not have to look far to see this trend. I have watched and seen this very thing take place over the last thirty years until we are living in a society so changed and debased by this influence I wonder where it will end.

Some of the music of today should not be consummed by idividuals in our society. The depravity that will come from it is scary to say the least. Music and drums are not neutral as many professional musicians will tell you. It is a tool for change which may not be for the betterment of mankind but for it's decline into depravity and ruin.